Beth Davis from Posture Club Yoga Calgary

Yoga Portrait by Fred Smith Leave a comment

Yoga Portrait by Fred Smith


Hi I’m Fred, and today I’m doing a quick demo on how I light a yoga session recently. Today my model is Beth Davis from Posture Club here is Calgary. I’ll be doing a 4 light set up, I have 2 of profoto’s D2s and two B1Xs.  The modifiers I am using are 2 of profoto’s RFI softbox’s with grids, a magnum and a zoom reflector. I am doing this set up because I want to make sure that the model’s whole boy is exposed properly. I’m going for hard light on the key and rim. I’ll have the soft boxes flanking the model to get a nice contrast and Detail from the magnum. I’ll build with the soft boxes first and then I’ll add the light from above after the first two are to my liking. Once I get the third, which will be the magnum in the right position I’ll move to the zoom reflector and get the right power settings so I can start to pose my model. I’ll have to be conscious of light spill, I can add grids to make the light more direct. The directional light with the grid helped me out with this session because the white surface of the infinite cove reflects light. So with 4 lights the reflections could get out of hand quickly. The grids helped me mitigate that issue. If you have any question, or would like to tell how you do your sessions, please leave it in the comments section. Thanks and see you guys in the next video.


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