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Profoto Zoom Reflector Demo by Fred Smith Leave a comment

Profoto Zoom Reflector Demo by Fred Smith

Hi I’m Fred from Kallos Studio, Kallos studio is a Profoto exclusive studio where you can buy, rent, learn and discuss everything about your Profoto. Today I will go through some of Profoto’s zoom-able features. The light shaping tool that I will be using to demonstrate this is a zoom reflector. Most of the 120 + light shaping tools that Profoto has are zoom-able however some like the hard light reflector, the beauty dish can not zoom do its glass plate.


  • The lamp head scale is a reference point for the zoom curve for each reflector.
  • B1 B1X, D1, D2 and ProHead have a Zoom scale
  • B1 B1X, D1, D2 have a scale from 4-8 because of a built-in reflector of 77 degrees.
  • The classic and versatile “standard” reflector
  • The unique shape and facetted silver surface provides a crisp light with huge zoom-range
  • Optional barn doors and grids fit directly onto reflector
  • Filter holder and Snoot also available


This is my quick demonstration of some of Profoto’s zoom-able features. If you have any thoughts, questions, or would like to tell how you use the features please let us know in the comments section.


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