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Profoto Pro-10 Demo by Fred Smith Leave a comment

Profoto Pro-10 Demo by Fred Smith


Profoto’s pro 10 is profoto’s flag ship product. It’s the world’s fastest studio flash. It’s the successor to the Profoto Pro 8.

This product is intended to be used in a studio setting mostly and the price point would not make it suitable for entry level photographers, however renting is a good option for anyone looking for the fast flash duration and power. It’s mostly for professional photographers who are shooting commercial, editorial, fashion and those type of sessions where the clarify and power is essential.


It’s quickest flash duration is 1/80,000 of a sec. In normal mode the duration ranges from 1/800 to 1/12000. In freeze mode it ranges from 1/1000 to 1/80000. Freeze mode is used to make a perfectly still image out of a fast moving object. It can shoot up to 50 frames per second. Modeling lamp is a 1000w halogen.  2400ws with 11 f stop power range. It has Air ttl control and high speed sync. And it is compatible with 11 flash heads and 120 + light shaping tools

Profoto Proheads including:


Profoto Special application heads including:

  • Profoto Striplight S
  • Profoto Striplight M
  • Profoto Striplight L (3 lamp cables – requiring minimum two Pro-10 generators)
  • Profoto FresnelSpot ­
  • Profoto MultiSpot
  • Profoto ZoomSpot
  • Profoto Sticklights


For more information on Pro-10, follow this link –


If you are in Calgary, Alberta and require Profoto Rentals and/or Studio Rental please follow the links provided below:

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