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Profoto B10 Demo, B10, B10 Duo, B10 Duo Kit, Profoto B10 Duo Kit, Product Demo at Calgary Profoto Studio, Kallos Studio & YourProfoto

Profoto B10 Demo by Fred Smith | Kallos Studio & YourProfoto Leave a comment

Profoto B10 Demo by Fred Smith | Kallos Studio

Kallos Studio & YourProfoto present Fred Smith. Calgary based photographer and Your Profoto ambassador. His demo of Profoto B10 takes you through the product functions and use.

Kallos studio is a Profoto exclusive studio where you can buy, rent, learn and discuss everything about your profoto. This is a Profor B10 Demo article & video.

It’s 250W, a Stop less than the 500w B1 and B1X. In size it’s more comparable to Profoto’s B2.It has it’s charging port on the outside, so you can now recharge your battery as you shoot. The battery is capable of handling 400 full powered flashes. It’s cordless, has power of 5 speedlights, TTL and high speed sync, modeling light and adjustable color temperature, compatible with 120+ light shaping tools, connectivity and control with profoto’s smart phone app. This a super portable strobe, has threads at the bottom to directly attach it to a light stand or tripod. It has an umbrella bracket and an attachable bracket that allows you to angle the head.

There is one button and two knobs. Profoto likes to keep things simple and intuitive when it comes to the settings. The white buttons the flash on and off and is the test button to see if your flash is firing. The large button in the middle is how you control the power and if you press it in, you can get into the menu. The knob on the left lets you control the color temperature and power output of the modeling light.

After getting my hands on this for the first time, I think it has addressed every problem that people have had with strobes of this caliber. It’s small, powerful, easy to use and has a ton of features. In my opinion the display on the back looks better than anything that is out at the moment.

That concludes my Unboxing of Protofo’s B10, if you have any questions, or thoughts on this new device, please leave it in the comments section. Thanks catch me in the next video.

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