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Profoto A1 Unboxing by Fred Smith Leave a comment

Profoto A1 Unboxing by Fred Smith



Kallos Studio and Your Profoto presents Fred Smith, and his unboxing of the new Profoto A1. Kallos Studio is a certified Profoto dealer where you can buy, rent, and discuss everything about Your Profoto. We are committed to brining you more contents about your favourite Profoto flashes and light shaping tools. Subscribe and follow us for more.

The Soft Bounce for the A1 on-camera flash is perfect for creating a soft, flattering light, or in situations where there is no surface to bounce from, or if you’d like a more directional look than can be achieved by bouncing from a ceiling. Easy to handle, it clicks on to the magnetic mount and is stackable, so it can be used in combination with other A1 Light Shaping Tools.


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