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Profoto B1X, B1X, Profoto Rental Calgary

B1X Demo by Fred Smith | Kallos Studio & Your Profoto Leave a comment

B1X Demo by Fred Smith | Kallos Studio

Kallos Studio & YourProfoto present Fred Smith. Calgary based photographer and Your Profoto ambassador. His demo of Profoto B1X takes you through the product functions and use.

Kallos studio is a Profoto exclusive studio where you can buy, rent, learn and discuss everything about your Profoto. Today I’ll be going over the functions of Profoto’s B1X.

A question a lot of you will have is why would you want a B1X when there is a B1.

The B1X’s battery power has improved 50% giving you 325 flashes at full power and the 24W LED is about 80% brighter than the B1’s. More battery power is always great on location and a brighter modeling light and help videographers and and photographer by letting to see where the light is hitting and where the shadows fall.

Its specification are that it’s 500w, has an energy range of 9 stops, recycling time of .1-1.9, up to 20 frame per sec, it has a freeze mode that has flash durations as quick as 1/19.000 of a second. High speed sync of 1/8000 of a second.

This a powerful and portable light, it weighs 6.6 lbs and as I had mentioned before that it is battery powered so you can take it to some remote locations.

For the settings, if you know how to do get there on the B1, you know how to do it with the B1X. You have the groups from A-F and your channels 1-8 and those are controlled by pressing and holding the sync button. The model button is for turning the modeling lamp on and off and also changing the light from proportional to free. You have the ready button which is to let you know how you want to be notified about your recycling time. The center button/knob allow you to change the power output of the flash by increment of a full stop, by pressing and hold it down while you turn or by increments of 1/10 of a stop just by turning it.

The price will vary from US to to Canada, for Canadian pricing go to if you have any questions, or thoughts on the B1X, please leave it in the comments section.


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