How It Works

Watch online videos up to 60 minutes long and choose from four different fields of photography.

Learn with any gear

Start today with any lighting equipment and learn photography from Your Profoto Academy at Kallos Studio.

profoto academy photoshoot, kallos studio, calgary

Learn from real life shoots

An instructor leading you through a real life shoots so you can learn photography right where the the action is in the studio.

profoto academy certificate, calgary, kallos studio

Learn with any gear

Put what you’ve learnt into practice by taking on a photo challenge. Become certified through Your Profoto Academy.

profoto academy feedback, local, kallos studio

Personal feedback

Share your image and get personal feedback directly during Your Profoto Academy session.

About our teachers

A chance to learn from the best

Miguel Jacob

Miguel is a leading fashion photographer and a teacher based out of Toronto, Canada. As Profoto Academy’s educational manager he will give you personal feedback.


Sandy Puc’

An internationally acclaimed portrait artist, Sandy Puc is also an experienced educator on many US speaking engagements and international tours.


Hannah Couzens

Hannah is an award winning professional portrait photographer, who is involved in many speaking engagements for Profoto.


Lindsay Adler

Lindsay is a top fashion photographer and one of the most requested speakers and educators in the photography business worldwide.

What you get from

Profoto Academy

  • Short, focused online light shaping courses up to 1 hour
  • Scenario-based teaching with real-life photographic shoots
  • Practical step-by-step PDF guides with useful tips to take away
  • Personal feedback directly from one of our leading photography instructors
  • Unlimited access forever to all your courses from any online device
  • Profoto Academy certificate on completion
  • Full refund if you’re not satisfied

Become a better photographer

– through light!


Explore photography through light


Before you can really understand photography, you have to know your

light. It’s the essence of every image. Photography means drawing or

painting with light. It’s much more than simply capturing images with

your camera, it’s about creating them.

How to control your light

To make your photography stand out, you need to take control of the

situation no matter what the light or time of day is. You do this by

knowing your light and understanding the direction and distance. It’s

not only about having the right light shaping tools. You also need to

know how to use these tools. And that’s where Profoto Academy can

help you.




A chance to learn from the best

Our top photographers and instructors will equip you with the

knowledge and skills to become a better photographer. It’s an

investment every bit as important as the flash you use or the lens you

choose. Because it makes you better at what you do.