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A1X Unboxing by Fred Smith | Kallos Studio


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Hi I’m Fred from Kallos Studio, Kallos studio is a Profoto exclusive studio where you can buy, rent, learn and discuss everything about your profoto. Today I’ll be unboxing something that many people have been waiting for, the Profoto A1X.

The main reason it has been highly anticipated is because is because there is now a Sony version. So for on camera compatibility there is the Nikon, Canon and Sony version. You can also use it off camera with the air remote with many other brands. When you what it on camera, you can use it as a flash or you can trigger other flashes as it can be used as an Air remote TTL.

Let’s get into the specifications. The power is 76Ws, energy range 9 stops from 2.0-10, HSS energy range 9 stops, recycling time .05-1s, LED modeling lamp, frequency band 2.4GHz, 20 channels, up to 450 flashes at full power, flash  durations of 1/800th to 1/20,000th of a second battery chargers in 90 mins. This is the Nikon version and for Z6 and Z7 do not support the Auto focus assist because they will use the on camera LED for that.

What’s included in the box? It has the battery charger, flash stand, dome diffuser, bounce card and the A1 bag.

That concludes my unboxing for the A1X. The difference I can see from the A1 is the it has an improved battery life, 450 full powered shot for the 350 of the previous version and .2 seconds off its recycling time. If you have any questions, thoughts or If I forgot to mention a anything please leave it in the comments section. Remember to like and subscribe, Thanks for watching, catch me in the next video.



Kallos Studio presents Fred Smith. Calgary based photographer and Your Profoto ambassador. His demo of Profoto A1X takes you through the product functions and use.


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